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What does the Dean of Students do?

This service unit contributes with the student to the development and potentiation of social awareness, putting their knowledge into practice to satisfy social needs.
Participating in these activities accredits the student to carry out their social hours, which are a legal requirement, with the purpose of starting their graduation or pre-specialty process. The social service requires, for the different technical careers, 250 hours; and for undergraduate degrees, engineering and architecture, 500 hours.
The projects in which the student community has the opportunity to participate can be those that are carried out both inside and outside the university.

This unit provides students with the necessary guidance and support to achieve optimal adaptation to university life and full participation in each of the activities promoted, so that students achieve a sense of identity with the institution. Among the responsibilities of this unit is coordinating all student services and financial assistance (scholarships).

The purpose of Utec, through the Dean of Students, is that the student community is informed of the procedure for transfers and returns, and in this way they can take considerations according to the problem raised. This helps the student community to express the difficulties that do not allow them to continue studying and thus not lose the initial fee.

This unit plans, organizes and promotes the various sports activities inside and outside the university in the branches of basketball, football, baseball, table tennis, athletics, volleyball and chess, it also facilitates the spinning and weight gym service.
In this way, it enables many students to form the different sports teams that participate on behalf of the university in university competitions that take place on a national and regional scale.

This service unit is oriented to administer the scholarships granted to students. These are facilitated thanks to a process in which the scholar's academic performance is very important. As a consequence of this service, a high percentage of the student community manages to complete their professional careers.

Developing student opinion polls, aided by suggestion boxes, which contribute to the university induction process, improving cafeteria, library, photocopying, and clinic services (medical, psychological, legal). In turn, it generates recommendations for the best performance of each of the mentioned services.

This unit coordinates all those activities whose purpose is to promote the development of the student as a person and citizen, with guidance and advice that contributes to the teaching-learning process.
Among the responsibilities of this unit is coordinating the programs for tutors, instructors, and student services, which seek to contribute to the educational growth of the student community, through administrative-academic counseling, and improve student services.